Mountain Bike

I don’t know if you have found such a phenomenon, that is, the bicycles around you are basically not installed with a kickstand. Whether it’s a mountain bike or a road bike, many do not install kickstands. Why is the phenomenon that the kickstand is not installed?

First of all, it is not safe to install the kickstand. Many professional bicycle competitions do not install kickstands. If the kickstand is installed, it cannot pass the competition inspection.
Installing a bicycle kickstand will increase a certain risk when riding. For example, when passing a bumpy road, the kickstand is likely to be put down by itself due to the bumpy road conditions, causing unnecessary danger. Especially the kickstand that has been used for a long time, it is easier to put it down by itself when passing through bumpy road conditions. Maybe you don’t need to go through bumpy road conditions. When the bicycle is cornering, the kickstand may be put down by itself.

If you are a rider who often participates in cycling activities or competitions, I do not recommend that your bike be installed with kickstands. Especially for riders who are often off-road, it is extremely dangerous to install the kickstand.

Mountain Bike
Another reason is that installing kickstands affects the overall aesthetics of the bike. If you install kickstands on expensive and professional bicycles, the appearance of the bicycle will inevitably decrease. Therefore, many riders do not install the kickstand for the sake of beauty.

For many expensive bicycles, installing the kickstands is nothing more than lowering their appearance and professionalism. Installing the kickstand also adds to the overall weight of the bike. You know, when a bicycle reaches a certain level, a gram of a bicycle will be more expensive than gold. Therefore, in order to properly reduce the weight, many riders naturally do not install the kickstand. Road bikes and mountain bikes are even more preoccupied with weight. The weight of a kickstand can also be half a catty to a catty. Therefore, in order to reduce the weight, the installation of the kickstand had to be abandoned. The kickstand is generally installed at the rear of the frame. For some very expensive bicycles, there is no dedicated installation location. Especially the carbon fiber frame, there is no exclusive installation position. It’s easy to scratch the frame if you want to install the kickstand. Therefore, this is also the reason why many riders do not install it.