Mountain Bike

The reason why mountain bikes are so slow is the design, mountain bikes were not born for racing, but for off road. There are many different places in the design for off road bicycles.

Factors affecting mountain bike speed:


One of the biggest differences between mountain bikes and other bicycles is tires. Mountain bikes tend to have wider tires and rough textures. Mountain bike tires also need lower air pressure so that you won’t bounce up when you encounter a pothole. The tire will “squeeze” with the ground, which means that it will absorb energy and produce more friction with the road, so as to slow down your rolling speed. The rough tread will also stabilize the grip and slow you down.


A more upright posture makes you feel more wind resistance, and the faster you ride, the bigger the wind resistance.


The frame of mountain bike has long geometry, good stability and high bottom support, which can cross obstacles. But this makes them slower than shorter bicycles, such as road bikes, which can accelerate faster and turn at a higher speed.


Mountain bikes are heavy because of their large tires and heavy suspension. Greater weight means they go uphill more slowly and have more resistance.


The driving disc of mountain bike is small. Generally, the maximum driving disc is about 40 teeth. There is no tooth disc for speed. Of course, a larger driving disc also means that greater physical strength is required.

For people who want mountain bike the faster the better! How to make mountain bikes run faster?

A pair of thin tires can make you perform better on the asphalt.

Adjust the tire pressure: you can adjust the tire pressure as much as possible, of course, do not exceed its maximum range.

Lock the shock absorption: if you are on a flat asphalt road, you can lock the shock absorber, which will help to provide more torque for the pedal and improve your ability to accelerate faster.

Change your posture: you can try a lower position. You may be able to raise the saddle, lower the handlebar, or replace the flat handlebar with a falling handlebar, all of which will give you a more aerodynamic position on your bike.

Correct shift: learn the correct gear to accelerate your bike correctly.

Weight loss: remove excess items from the bike as much as possible. The extra weight of your bag will increase and slow down your aerodynamics.

Make sure your bike is clean: a clean bike can greatly improve your efficiency.