Mountain Bike

There are many type of bikes in market, it is difficult when choosing it. How can we choose a bicycle suitable for us?

In fact, each kind of bicycle has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a bicycle, it depends more on your preferences, riding environment and riding distance.

The following will teach you how to choose the right bike.

1. Road bike

“Lightness” is a feature of rode bike, which also makes it the first choice for high-speed travel on paved roads.

The large wheel diameter and narrow tire make it have extremely low road resistance and provide higher road speed, but it also reduces its grip and it is extremely vulnerable to “traps” such as sidewalks and vertical drains.

In addition it is easy being stole, thief also loves them, which makes this bike difficult to park and keep, it has almost no carrying capacity, has a more aggressive riding posture and low comfort, and is only suitable for sports and competition.


Light weight and high speed.


The posture is more radical (you need to ride on your stomach), and no carrying capacity.

2. Mountain bike

Mountain bike, same as its name, it is born for rugged mountain forest roads.

Disc brake, fat tire, high strength and full shock absorption models makes riders have more sufficient riding confidence.

Various technologies on mountain bikes are targeted for mountain roads. If you don’t focus on off-road, it may be more suitable to choose other types of bicycles. Mountain bikes on paved roads are not only cumbersome, but also the expensive cost can’t worth.


Strong braking force, off-road performance, and can cross mountain forest roads


Vehicle weight, fat tire performance is very cumbersome when riding on plan road, and the speed is low

Finally: how to choose your own bike depends on yourself.

For example, I always take my family on a picnic on weekends. Do you choose a road bike? So I chose mountain bike. After all, mountain bike can better meet my personal needs