Mountain Bike

When riding a mountain bike, our body has only one support point on our hips, so it is particularly important to choose a suitable mountain bike cushion. A good mountain bike cushion can not only help us reduce the fatigue that may occur in riding, but also improve our riding efficiency. After choosing the mountain bike cushion, the installation height of the cushion should also be considered. The more suitable the cushion height is, the more comfortable it will be when riding. Let’s get to know!

1. Check the cushion bottom shell material

The bottom shell of mountain bike cushion can be divided into carbon fiber bottom shell and injection molding bottom shell. Generally speaking, the hardness of carbon fiber bottom shell is better than that of injection molding bottom shell, and the carbon fiber bottom shell is not easy to deform, but the price of carbon fiber bottom shell will be much more expensive than that of injection molded bottom shell, so you can choose according to your actual needs and budget.

2. Check the cushion filler material

Mountain bike cushion filler can be divided into ordinary sponge, dynamic sponge, silica gel material, etc. ordinary sponge is easy to deform and smell after long time use, while dynamic sponge is not easy to deform,

Moreover, there is a slight rebound when encountering bumps. The rebound and supporting force of silica gel material are better than those of sponge material. Of course, the price is also more expensive.

3.Check the cushion width

The cushion width of mountain bikes should be determined according to their actual use needs. If it is a short-distance walking or cycling in the park on weekends, you can choose the wider one. It will be more comfortable to use. If it is used for long-distance walking and cycling, choose a narrow cushion, which can improve the riding efficiency.And the friction will be relatively small.

Next, let’s talk about how to set the height of cushion

1. Holmes method

Under your normal pedal habit, keep your foot in the 6 o’clock position, at which time the folding angle of your thighs and lower legs is maintained between 145-155 degrees. At this time, the seat height is the height you need.

2. Lemon Raymond method

Without shoes on your feet, naturally open it for about 15cm, measure the length of your legs, and multiply the data by 0.883 to get your sitting height.

3. Other measurement methods

Put your armpits on the seat, the position where the middle finger reaches is your seat height, but this method is generally not very accurate.