1.Different application of mountain bike and road bike

It can be seen from the names of the two models that mountain bikes are more suitable for complex road conditions, such as mountain roads, sand, steps, etc. mountain bikes are stable and comfortable, and have very good handling and braking.

The road bike has certain requirements for road conditions, and all its designs emphasize speed. Therefore, the tires will be narrower than mountain bikes. If it encounters complex ground or slippery ground, it will have poor flexibility and cause great damage to the tires.

2.Outlook difference between mountain bike and road bike

  • Tire
    The road bicycle track is flat enough and can provide enough adhesion, so the tires of road bike mainly consider the factor of reducing resistance, the contact surface of rode bike is very narrow and flat.
    The road condition of mountain bike track is complex, and there are all kinds of textures, so the tires mainly consider the factors of increasing friction and adhesion, so they are made into wide, deep lines and irregular bulges.
  • Handlebar
    Mountain bikes usually have straight handles and wide handles, so the handling of the bike will be better and the mountain road will be safer. Road bikes generally seek speed, so they should reduce resistance. The handlebars will be narrower.
  • Frame
    Mountain bikes usually encounter various complex road conditions, so there must be certain requirements for stability and cushioning, so the frame generally looks strong.
    Rode bike pursues speed, and light weight is the primary requirement.
    The geometric parameters of the frame are the biggest difference between mountain bike and road bike. I will comb them carefully if there is a chance in the future. Riding has developed for a long time, so the two frame technologies have also refined in their respective directions from material and design.
  • Front fork
    In order to adapt to complex terrain, the front fork of mountain bike is an important part of mountain bike. It has high scientific and technological content and high requirements for shock absorption effect and sensitivity.

3、 Riding feeling

For novices, mountain bikes will provide a greater sense of security, and they are closer to people’s normal sitting posture.

The road bike is inclined forward and its head is much beyond the body, which is easy to cause the feeling of danger for beginners. Secondly, road bikes lie down in the riding posture, which requires high physical flexibility.