Mountain Bike

First of all, you should know what kind of bike is suitable for you. Bicycles are divided into mountain bikes and road bikes. It is recommended that all beginners choose mountain bikes. Light, firm and good elasticity are one of the goals pursued by the frame. In order to achieve this goal, it also depends on the technology of each frame manufacturer. For example, whether the frame is designed according to the strength and characteristics of materials, and whether the welding process is good. These have a direct impact on the appearance, strength and elasticity of the frame. Another important thing is painting. A good frame is painted evenly, and it will be painted in 3-4 layers.

Good bikes are light and firm, and has good performance. Because bicycles with these conditions are easy, safe and convenient to ride. In order to meet all the above conditions, we need good materials. Therefore, bicycle parts are often a specific factor affecting the price of bicycles. The best are the parts that can participate in the Olympic bicycle race. The best materials are used in terms of strength, performance and weight.

What is the purpose of cycling? Generally, if you go to work, school or shopping, you can use a normal portable car. It’s best to use a large basket to put schoolbags and other personal belongings. Also, if possible, you can buy a bike with internal transmission or external transmission.

If there is a slope or bridge on your way, and you feel tired and troublesome to climb the slope and bridge, you should choose a bicycle with transmission.

If you ride on uneven roads, you should choose a bike with wider tires and a transmission also.

If good parts can not assembled properly, it will be like a house that has neither been carefully designed by architectural designers nor built by experienced craftsmen, which makes you worried all day and afraid that it will collapse. Therefore, if you don’t want to regret after buying, you should understand this knowledge.

Comfort function of bicycle

A. Transmission?

Many people mistakenly believe that the bicycle is equipped with a transmission to speed up the riding speed. In fact,the transmission is just a tool to help people exert their power easily.

B. What are the advantage of the transmission?

Generally, bicycles are used in cities. In fact, there are many slopes in cities. For example, sometimes when you ride a bike, you will feel that the pedal suddenly becomes heavy, and there are also some slopes that can’t be judged by your eyes. At this time, the role of the transmission can be fully reflected. If there is a transmission, you can ride easily as long as you can change it into a suitable gear. Of course, it can also be used against the wind.