Mountain Bike

No matter what type of bike, high price or low price, purpose or brand, it is composed of the handlebar, frame, seat, transmission system, shock absorption system, braking system and wheels. Let’s introduce the structure of each part.

1. Handlebar

Mainly handlebars and vertical handlebars. There are two kinds of handlebars, straight handlebars and curve handlebars. The structure of the straight handle determines that it is more labor-saving, light, and the wind resistance is still small. It’s just that the handling is a little poor. I’m not used to it at the beginning. On the contrary, the curve handle is heavier and has greater wind resistance, but it is more comfortable to ride. Although the handle is heavier, it can be reduced by replacing it with a carbon fiber handle.

2. Frame

The most important part of a mountain bike is the frame, which is like the skeleton of the human body. The geometry of the frame will directly affect the riding experience. It is very important to stretch your body. Many frames look the same, but when riding, the feeling is completely different.

Each frame basically has its own standard, and the data of S, m and L are not the same. Put aside the data that can’t be unified at all, the important thing is whether you ride properly or not. Although the frame is very important and lays the foundation for the experience, you can also improve your riding experience by adjusting other parts in the later stage. At the same time, the human body has adaptability and will slowly adapt to the frame.

The frame is mainly made of aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and titanium alloy. Each has its own advantages. No one is absolutely the best.

Aluminum alloy: the advantage is that the price is low. It is more used in household. The disadvantage is that the rigidity is relatively low, which is easy to metal fatigue. At the same time, the toughness is also relatively poor, that is, it is easy to deform. Because the rigidity is low, the pipe body generally needs to be fed, so it is heavier.

Carbon fiber: a pile of fibers woven together like clothes. Pull resistance, high rigidity and light weight. Now it is the special materials for the competition. The disadvantage is the anisotropy of carbon fiber, that is, if the angle is not very good at the time of impact, it is very easy to break and brittle. Moreover, the resin attached to carbon fiber is easy to break through the wind and sun, so it is not durable.

3. Seat

The seat is mainly seat cushion and seat rod. The height of the sitting bar is generally adjustable. Too high or too low will affect the extension when riding. The seat cushion is the part in direct contact with the human body, so comfort is very, very important, unless you don’t cherish your ass. A good seat cushion should support the sitting bones rather than the hips, paying attention to the bones (the sitting bones are wider in women).

Most manufacturers’ factory products are more suitable for more scenes (that is, universal use), but in fact, the selection needs to pay attention to the cushion width, material and filler. the more aggressive the ride, the narrower the width; The wider the leisure is, the better, and there are more fillings, which are determined by different riding postures.