Mountain Bike

When you chooses a mountain bike, it is better to communicate with experienced people first. Otherwise, if you bought a inappropriate bike, it will greatly affect the riding experience. At that time, various modifications and upgrades and updating parts will increase additional unnecessary costs. The following experience summarized here for reference only:

1: Figure our you riding purpose

Today we are not talking about road bikes, there are many kinds of mountain bikes already. The common ones are as follows:

(XC): off-road mountain bike, (AM): all terrain mountain bike, (FR): free riding mountain bike, (DH): downhill mountain bike etc, which the most common in our daily life is: XC off-road mountain bike. For ordinary cyclists, the basic choice is XC off-road mountain bike (hard tail), so first clarify your purpose, and then select the appropriate type according to your hobbies, this is the first step.

2: Select a suitable frame

When buying a mountain bike, the first consideration should be the frame. The frame is a centre that connects the whole other parts in. Both the size proportion and the weight proportion are the largest part. A lightweight and good quality frame will save you a lot of energy. At present, the most frames are high-strength steel, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Of course, titanium alloy is one also.

It is suggested to start with aluminum alloy frame, the frame of steel such as high-strength steel can be abandoned. In terms of carbon fiber, if you choose a carbon fiber frame, it is better to choose more expensive one which is more reliable frame, because the carbon fiber frame is easy to crack when you fall.It’s also very light. The disadvantage is that it’s brittle. It needs good riding skills.

Of course, when choosing the frame, you must consider your personal height. For 170cm people, a 26 inch bike is more suitable.

3、 Stable and lightweight front fork

The front fork is also a very technical part of the mountain bike, which has the same function as the frame. At present, the front fork is generally divided into lockable and non lockable, which can be subdivided into the following:

1.Spring front fork: the structure of this front fork is very simple. There are one or two springs on both sides for shock absorption. This can achieve different degrees of hardness and softness by compressing the spring.

2. Oil spring front fork: oil damping is added on the basis of the spring front fork to adjust the rebound speed of the spring. It usually has locking function.It can play different effects on flat roads and slopes. However, it is relatively heavy.

3. Air pressure front fork: this kind of front fork changes the oil spring fork into air pressure fork, By air pressure to realize the soft and hard adjustment , it also has the characteristics of rebound and stability and Lock function.