When you go out and ride, you always have to take some equipment with you. In case of a flat tire or something other problems, you can save yourself when need. For mountain bike players who often go to the mountains to play, they naturally want to carry a full set of tools. However, that is too much, we can’t bring them all. Today i will lists some equipment you need to carry when riding in the mountain, so that you can have no worries when you enter the mountain.

1. Inner tire

Although vacuum tires have become very popular, tire fluid can’t repair large damage. An inner tire is still very useful at critical moments. If possible, bring more extra tires.

2. Pump

In fact, a few gas cylinders are enough for daily travel, which is convenient and fast. However, if you want to travel 4 + 2 days, it is also convenient to bring an air tank, especially for vacuum tire users.

3. Tire prying rod

It’s better to use the tire prying stick unless you can take off the tire with your hands. Besides, some tire prying sticks have many useful functions.

4. Portable tools

Hexagon socket is a necessary set, whether it is a portable tool or a standard hexagon combination. Of course, it would be better to have a chain cutter, which mainly depends on individual needs.

5. Raincoat

No one can say for sure about the rain, so be prepared. The waterproof clothes that can be folded into a ball are very convenient, light and convenient, and some have sunscreen function.

6. Tie

Just prepare a few of them. They are widely used.

7. Water and supplies

Needless to say, both water bags and kettles are OK, and energy pills and biscuits are OK. I like them.

8. Cash

Although cash is rarely used now, it can still be used in case the mobile phone has no power or signal. Not much. Just put a little into the handlebar.

9. Lamp

If there is a night riding scene, bring a headlights. At least bring a tail light during the day. If you get lost in the mountains, you can at least send SOS distress signals.

10. Teammates

Try to avoid going into the mountain alone. More than one person can travel together. In the face of different difficulties, there can be different solutions!

All of the above equipment can be brought without backpack. If you want a backpack, you can bring more things. So what do you bring when you ride in the mountains?