Mountain Bike

When you really enter the group of mountain biking, you will fall in love with this sport uncontrollably, because it has seven reasons that people can’t refuse

1. There are many kinds of choices

This is one of the reasons why many riders choose mountain bikes. There are many ways to play mountain bikes, including off-road, forest road, all mountain, free riding, and speed drop. You can try and choose your favorite types according to the actual situation and enjoy the challenge and happiness in the process of playing!

2. You can show your driving skills

The skills of mountain bike are very exciting and cool. Every time you learn a new bike riding skill, you have a sense of achievement. You are very proud to have a simple dolphin jump, rear wheel riding, rear wheel skating, front wheel skating and other actions from time to time!

3. Relatively comfortable riding posture

Mountain bikes have shock absorber design, which can increase the stability and handling of the body on rough roads, and increase more comfort on flat roads.

4. There are many kinds of equipment to choose from

Many kinds of exquisite accessories and equipment are one of the most attractive charms of mountain bikes. Riding a mountain bike with your choice, refitting and matching according to your own needs, adds the fun of playing with the bike!

5. Not limited distance

When you have enough physical strength, you can enjoy long-distance multi-day riding in the forest road and the countryside. While enjoying nature, you can also fully challenge your physical strength; If time and physical strength are limited, a simple forest road or a high drop mountain road can also enjoy the fun of exciting manipulation. Even a half day bike ride can enjoy the fun of burning fat.

6. Not limited terrain

Mountain biking is almost not limited by any terrain. It can face all kinds of bumpy roads with large drop. Of course, it goes without saying that in the face of road conditions that are hardly suitable for any vehicle, it can shuttle down at high speed. The excitement and sense of speed are can not compared by any other kind of cycling.

7. Test of skill and courage

Challenging different terrain, forest roads or mountain roads with high drop is not only a test of your skills and courage, but also a challenge to yourself.