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HILAND Lock On Grips ,Retro Soft PU Leather Bicycle Handlebar Cover,Handlebar Grips for MTB Mountain Folding City Bike


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Mountain Bike

HILAND Bike Grips Retro Soft PU Bicycle Handlebar Cover Handlebar Grips for Mountain Folding City Bike

Material : PU leather cover + metal collar
Color : Brown
Type : Lock-On Grips
Application : MTB / Folding bike / Road bike
Size : length 128mm , outer diameter 30mm
Suitable handlebar diameter : 22.2mm
( tips:22.2mm is the standard size of handlebar )


Traditional grips

Simple rubber sleeves that slide on to the end of the bars. Can be a bugger to get off, sometimes slip in wet conditions and lack of end plugs is a disadvantage – but cheap as chips and you can’t have a simpler bike part.

Ergonomic grips

Grips that are shaped in some way to offer more hand comfort on longer rides (manufacturers claim) and may also feature integrated bar ends for multiple positioning options. . A personal preference – they may work for you, they may not. Worth trying if ‘normal’ grips are giving you hand pain.

Lock-on grips

These feature metallic collars at either end which ‘lock’ the grip to the bar by means of small allen bolts. Increasingly becoming the standard on most MTB bikes.
mountain bike
mountain bike
mountain bike
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mountain bike


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