Mountain Bike

Hiland 26/27.5 Inch Mountain Bike Shimano 21 Speed MTB Bicycle with Suspension Fork,Dual-Disc Brake for Men Womens Bikes


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Mountain Bike

mountain bike
About this item

【Tech Frame】High carbon steel frame and a powerful suspension fork are forming a strongly trunk which provide you with a durable and stable riding experience.
【Brake&Shifter】Double Disc-Brake system was made up with 21-speed shifter and SHIMANO TY21 rear derailleur that ensure total controlling when you are in any riding situation.
【High Quality Fork】Dual aluminum rims with suspension fork have a strong grip. These help you make a great ride experience on mountain roads, highways and forest.
【Easy to Install】Hiland bike is 85% pre-assembled. It’s easy to assemble with free pedals and all required assembly tools. This kind of bike has free front and rear fenders protect you from dirt.
【Size Chart】Size M is suitable for a person 5’3- 6′ tall, Size L is suitable for a person 5’7 -6’5 tall.

Carbon steel frame&High quality fork

Carbon steel is extremely strong and shock resistant. Hiland high quality suspension fork increases the rider’s control in especially rough terrain. Modern carbon bikes use advanced technology to create frames that are now even stronger than aluminum and still much lighter. That’s why carbon is quickly becoming the standard material of choice in almost all cycling disciplines, including road, gravel, and MTB.
mountain bike
Shimano rear derailleur

The 21-speed SHIMANO TY21 rear derailleur with smooth shifting action. We even added a rear derailleur guard for extra protection from dirt and off-road debris. Because of its low profile and single tension construction, the derailleur does not hit the chain stay in rough riding conditions. The result is smooth and silent performance.
mountain bike

The brake system consists of double disc-Brake. Provide efficient and strong braking effect which ensure your safety. Disc brakes offer greater stopping power, which can be helpful on long descents. Disc brakes don’t heat the rim, which has been known to cause tire blowouts on long descents when rim brakes are used.It allow for more precise braking, making wheel lockup less likely. Disc brakes work better than rim brakes in wet weather.
mountain bike
21-speed shifter

The 21-speed bike is more efficient since it has more gears, and because of more gears, the speed ratio and comfort will be more. You can use only left gear shifter for 3 speed and only right shifter for 7 speed and both left and right shifter for 3×7 speed. Compatible with liner-pull, cantilever, roller, and mechanical disc brakes, Ergonomic design for more comfortable operation
mountain bike
Hiland Y580 mountain bike meet your cycling needs.

A mountain bike is a bicycle designed for off-road cycling. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bicycles, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain. These typically include a front or full suspension, large knobby tires, more durable wheels, more powerful brakes, straight handlebars, and lower gear ratios for climbing steep grades.

Why we choose carbon steel frame?

Durable – Carbon steel is extremely strong and shock resistant. This makes it a popular choice for construction, piping and to support modern roads. This type of steel is also not prone to rotting as many other metals are.
Safe -Compared to many other materials, steel is safe to handle and work with. It’s also a good material for building homes that are resistant to fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.
Energy conservation -Carbon steel is easy to recycle compared to many other materials, making it friendly to environment.
Economical -For many uses, such as piping, carbon steel can be made very thin compared to other metals. This makes it very cost effective. Carbon steel pipes, for example, are cheaper to make than copper pipes.
Healthy and longer use -Hiland mountain bike made with carbon steel frame are healthy and convenient to ride. Carbon steel frame also uses longer than aluminum and is less prone to dents and scratches.
mountain bike
mountain bike


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