Mountain Bike

300 Lumen Bicycle Light Rechargeable Front Handlebar LED Light Waterproof Bike Flashlight with Handlebar Mount and Side Lights


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Mountain Bike

mountain bike
DrBike 300 Lumen Rechargeable Handlebar Led Waterproof Light

3 Modes and Maximum 300 Lumen Lightness

Basic Information

Size: 66*29*22mm
Material: PC & ABS
Net Weight : 35g
Color : Black / White

Light Source : 1 Led Bulb
Light Mode : 100% light on – 50% light on – flashing
Lightness : 300 lumen
Light distance : 180 meter
* With Lamp Beam Upper Cut-Off Line
* Protects the Vision of Comers

Battery : Built-in Polymer Battery
Battery Capacity : 800mAh 3.7V
Line : with USB adaptor
mountain bike
mountain bike
1. Lamp Head
2. Switch Bottom
3. Silicone Tape
4. Plastic Bucklet
5. USB Plug
mountain bike
mountain bike
mountain bike
mountain bike
Cut-Off LIne helps a lot in road cycling.When people come from the opposite, this light will not affect comers.
And decrease the possibilty of comers’ danger.
mountain bike
mountain bike
4 Modes combined with this light,just press the button on the top of the light and you can change its mode.
Tips: Flash 2 can be used as SOS signal.
mountain bike


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