Mountain Bike

Many office workers choose to ride bicycles to work, which can reduce the time in traffic jams, and can also exercise in an environment-friendly manner. However, you should also pay attention to safety when riding a bicycle, and accidents may occur if you are not careful. So let’s take a look at the precautions for mountain bike use.

1.Check your bike before you set off.
Check your bike every time you go out for a ride to keep it in good condition. Specifically, check whether the brakes and bells are normal and sensitive, whether the seat, handlebar, etc. are loose, whether the chain is normal, and whether the tire is not damaged. If it is mountain terrain, use mountain tires (above 1.75) to ensure the stability of riding. People who use V-brakes should pay attention not to use the inner tube with a patch, so as to avoid the high temperature generated by the long-term braking, which will cause the inner tube to leak.

2.Get your gear ready.
Prepare essentials such as helmets, knee pads, and other protective gear before departure. If you are riding at night, you should also prepare a flashlight and taillights. Also, try not to use unfamiliar bikes to avoid accidents while riding.

3.Follow traffic rules.
When riding a bicycle, keep to the right on the non-motorized lane, do not go the wrong way, and do not change lanes at will. When turning, do not rush ahead, slow down in advance, see the surrounding situation clearly, and then turn with a clear gesture. When passing an intersection, slow down, pay attention to pedestrians and vehicles coming and going, do not run a red light, stop and wait when encountering a red light, and continue to move forward when the green light is on. Do not carry heavy loads or take people with you when you ride your bike.

4.Downhill riding technique
To achieve the desired effect of downhill riding, you must be brave, resourceful, bold, careful, and focused. Keep your eyes on the road ahead, ready to deal decisively with any situation that arises on the road. Not only should we make full use of the motion coasting of the bicycle, but also dare to pedal actively and increase the speed. When turning, keep the body and the bicycle in line, lean inward, and keep the upper body and the bicycle in a straight line to overcome the centrifugal force.

Mountain Bike

5.Uphill riding technique
When riding uphill, you should maintain a normal pedaling action, and do not use sudden force. Under normal circumstances, it is not appropriate to use standing riding or pull-up riding methods, otherwise, it will consume too much physical strength. When encountering a short-distance slope, you should make full use of the inertial principle of object motion and pedal easily. When approaching the top of the slope, you can use standing riding to increase the speed as much as possible to create favorable conditions for downhill acceleration.

Through the above introduction, I believe that many people have some understanding of the precautions for the use of mountain bikes. Although it is more convenient to ride a bicycle to work, you should also pay attention to safety when riding a bicycle on the road. Don’t think that riding a bicycle can disobey traffic rules.