Mountain bikes are specially designed for off-road, with the characteristics of racing, which is a different kind of bicycle. If the speed is faster, you can naturally win, but when adjusting the brakes, you must also master some precautions. Mountain bike brakes can be adjusted with the pad adjustment function. The upper structure of the support arm is driven by the brake wire, and the brake lever rotates around the fulcrum fixed on the seat stay or front fork to drive the brake pad and the friction brake generated by the brake pad rubbing against the wheel. Seat stays and front forks also require V-brake seats with V-brakes or reserved holes for V-brake seats. Since the brake band on the wheel is relatively close to the ground, the brakes are easily polluted by muddy water on rainy days, which affects the braking effect.

1.First, hold the brake with your hand so that the excessive brake line falls off or breaks when emergency braking is used. And straighten the line in the pipe. The threaded screw inside the brake handle can be turned by hand. If it is too tight, it can be loosened with an adjustable wrench or pliers. Helical screws can be tightened. If the brakes need to be firmer, there is an option to release them. If the brakes want to go soft, the threaded screws can be tightened.

2.There is a screw on the disc brake clamp that also allows the pad spacing to be adjusted. Scuff the disc, loosen the clip and the two screws on the brake post, tighten the brakes, and tighten the screws. A mountain bike is a bicycle designed specifically for off-road use. As an item in sports competitions, athletes ride mountain bikes along the prescribed downhill route to slide at high speed and win quickly, attracting many fans. Bicycles started in Europe, but the American invention of the mountain bike swept away the traditional concept of bicycles and set off a new trend around the world.

3.The oil brake is a brake control system that can brake through hydraulic disc brakes and hydraulic transmission. Such braking systems are commonly used in cars, bicycles, and electric vehicles. Mountain bike brakes are mainly divided into V-shaped brakes and disc brakes. Among them, disc brakes are divided into cable disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes, which have good braking effects, good feel, and sensitivity. Compared with cable disc brakes, disc brakes are smoother and save effort, but they are also heavier. But high-end disc brakes are also light.

This is the main way to adjust the tightness. After buying a mountain bike, many people don’t know how to operate it. And in the whole process of operation, there will not be too many restrictions, it is a very worthwhile choice. The above is the whole content of this article, I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about mountain bikes, please read other articles on this site, thank you for reading.