Mountain Bike

How to maintain mountain bikes? When walking on the street, there are cars everywhere. So many friends choose bicycles as a means of transportation. Among the types of bicycles, mountain bikes are the most suitable means of transportation in the city. I will teach you how to maintain mountain bikes

Maintenance of transmission system:

Mainly jobs are lubrication. The most effective method is to add lubricating oil. It should be reminded that the chain should always keep its oil sensitivity, especially after wading and raining, it should be lubricated in time. The front and rear transmissions should also be frequently filled with oil. The oil used for the chain and transmission should preferably be a special anti rust lubricant for bicycles.

Maintenance of braking system:

Braking system is particularly important because it is related to personal safety. In addition to maintaining the sensitivity and reliability of each part, the travel clearance and wear of the brake block shall be checked frequently. Both sides of the travel clearance of the brake block shall be kept within the range of 2-3 mm. If the clearance is too large, the free travel value of the brake block will be increased, which will reduce the sensitivity of the brake. If the clearance is too small, the phenomenon of braking strength may occur, which will increase the riding strength and waste physical strength. There are more than two grooves on the surface of each brake block. If these grooves are to be damage, they should be replaced in time to ensure braking sensitivity and driving safety

Maintenance of three axles:

There are several types of tripod shafts. It is divided into ordinary shaft, sealing shaft, bearing shaft, etc. However, no matter what kind of shaft it is, it should be maintained regularly. The timing is 10000 km / year, that is to say, if you have run for 10000 km, you should replace the butter once no matter in less than a year. If you have run for a year, you should also replace the butter once no matter in less than 10000 km. At the same time, check the wear degree of steel balls, shaft stops and other parts, and replace them when necessary. Do not use engine oil to lubricate the shafts at ordinary times.

Maintenance of brake line and speed change line:

General brake lines and speed change lines have motion conduits. Some dust and moisture will inevitably enter at both ends of these conduits, and some rain will enter in rainy days, which is very easy to cause corrosion of the lines. The lines should be pulled out, smeared with butter around the lines, and then inserted and installed. And every year, no more than two years, you have to apply butter again.