With the diversification of fitness sports, outdoor fitness sports are also popular as one the options. Mountain biking is one such project. However, there are many safety problems in mountain biking, so it is very important to understand the precautions for riding. This article will introduce the specific four points for attention in detail, and hope to help you!

1.Do not make sudden moves while the convoy is moving, and must maintain a stable riding action. Nothing disrupts the progress of a bike fleet more than a frizzy rider. Some people make sudden moves that put the safety of the entire convoy at risk. No matter what the situation is, you should maintain smooth movements and the riding principle of mastering the road conditions in advance. Team driving is a sport that requires mutual trust.

2.Never ride hands-free in a convoy, be sure to keep your palms on the brake levers, drop handlebars, or the top of the handlebar near the stem in the lane. There are several reasons why you should never ride with your hands on the handlebars:
First of all, you get scolded by other drivers, although this is an old problem, but there are still many people who make these mistakes.

Second, having your hands free means that you’re primarily using your elbows to control the movement of the bike, which is far less manoeuvrable than having your hands on the handlebars—not exactly what makes you popular with the group.
Finally, in an emergency, your hands are too far away from the brake lever, and you have to sit up suddenly to find their position.
Of course, in the middle of the convoy, we would not think of slowing down, but if it is really necessary, you have to find the brakes in a hurry.

3.Don’t shift into the highest gear when climbing a hill, be sure to choose the appropriate gear that will allow you to pass the slope smoothly. When crossing difficult roads, people often change to the large gear position because they can’t bear it. Although, if you maintain momentum, you can cross over smoothly when you hit a stone or a tree root; but on the contrary, if your speed is not fast enough, you may stand still. That’s fine if you’re physically strong and technical enough to handle uphills, but once you’ve over-shifted, you’re going to stop halfway. Therefore, when climbing the steepest uphill, it is better to set the gear position lower. When encountering rocks or protruding objects on the ground, you can easily support the obstacles without dragging your heavy feet.

4.Don’t step on the pedal desperately when you go uphill, you must make good use of the gear position change to keep your force application stable when going uphill. You’ve probably ridden like these guys in the past—sprinting every uphill, moving your hips off the saddle, and pedaling like hell. This will not only destroy the coherence of the group, but also make everyone tired. Even in the lightest of races, by the last ten miles, people often fall behind due to fatigue. Climbing is a very difficult stage. But the most important thing at this time is not trying to keep up with the main team, but trying to maintain a stable speed. Do not have excessive heroism during the game.