Mountain bikes: best for rough terrain. Mountain bikes have the function of suspension, which will soak up bumps and thumps, thereby improving comfort and steering control. Mountain bikes can also be ridden in general urban areas. It’s the most comprehensive range of bikes that can cover any need for everyday riding.

Road bikes: fastest of all other styles of bikes. Some people commute on their road bikes, some like to explore long days in the countryside, while others want to push their physical boundaries and travel as fast as possible.

Hybrid bikes: best for leisure riders and short commutes. Hybrid bikes are designed for beginners and casual riders. It is ideal for commuting, urban cycling, and weekend leisure cycling.

Cruiser bikes: a great option for riding along the beach. Cruiser bikes are designed for recreational riding and used for easy, short daily commutes and leisurely cruising.
If you like cycling at a slow pace, enjoy the sunshine, the cruiser will serve you well.