What is the difference between a mountain bike and a touring bike? This article mainly introduces the comparison and difference between mountain bikes and touring bikes on tires, frisbee gears, brakes, aerodynamics, shock resistance, and fronts.

Mountain bikes:
Mountain bikes are suitable for a variety of complex road conditions. Strong body, flexible control, wide tires, good passability, and variable speed. The tires have good grip and are suitable for off-roading. The overall strength of the mountain bike is large, the impact resistance is strong, the riding is more comfortable, and it is less prone to damage than other bicycles when riding strongly.
Suitable for use: Mountain racing and challenging yourself.
Riding environment: mountain, forest road, various road conditions.

Touring bikes:
Touring bikes evolved from mountain bikes and are specially designed for long-distance travel, emphasizing riding comfort, using a frame similar to road bikes but with a reinforced frame. Both the light-shock and the no-shock have road rims, but the tires are slightly wider, fine-tread, and have a butterfly handlebar for better comfort. The seat is also wider, with a mountain shift kit, fenders, front and rear luggage racks, coat hangers, and high-end disc brakes. Generally no self-locking, equipped with at least two bottle cages, suitable for long-distance riding. However, the touring bike is too bulky, has poor climbing and descending performance, lacks a sense of movement, has a fixed riding position, unable to exert force, and can only ride slowly and leisurely. Touring bikes place more emphasis on comfort, while mountain bikes place more emphasis on handling rough roads.
Suitable for use: If it is used for long-distance riding, it is recommended to choose a touring bike. Because touring bikes are positioned for long-distance riding, they are lighter and more comfortable than mountain bikes. The body strength is high, and popular accessories are usually used for easy maintenance. The carrying function is objective, and it can adapt to most terrains. It is easy to install riding safety accessories, and the grip is comfortable.

As for which is better, this should be compared according to your application. If you are traveling and you have nothing to do with your bike, it is recommended that you choose a mountain bike model that is more suitable, so that the bike can cope with rough roads when you travel. And if you are at a good intersection and you like to pursue speed, it is recommended that you use a road bike, which allows you to experience the feeling of galloping on the road. If you like to take tents and other items, long-distance riding and journeys, it is recommended that you choose a station wagon, which will make your journey colorful. In the end, no matter which one you choose, you should always pay attention to the maintenance of the bicycle.
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